8  Offline capabale webapp

8.1 Why do we need this

8.2 Describe solution

8.3 Describe implementation

  • Healthcare workers have access to Android tablets
  • Internet access is intermittent at point of care. Assume that healthcare worker has access to internet when she/he takes tablet home
  • Presenting results from data analytics needs to have solution for synchronization/offline usage
  • We have chosen for a combination of svelte + duckdb for building such offline capable Android apps. Details are explained in Appendix A.
  • This impacts the following elements in the reference architecture
    • Data visualization and user interaciton
    • Development, Engineering and DevOps: capability to deploy Svelte apps on and hosted app platform
    • Standards: compatibility with D3.js ecosystem for building interactive data visualizations. Vega-lite is standard is used in this component, and is also available in the workbench