List of abbreviations

Abbrevation Definition
API Application Programming Interface
CR Client Registry (openHIE component)
CoT Chain of Trust, the name of the app used in MomCare Tanzania
DHIS2 District Health Information System, version 2, a type of HMIS
FIS Finance and Insurance Service (openHIE component)
FHIR Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources
FR Facility Registry (openHIE component)
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation
HL7 Health Level 7 International, the governing body of the FHIR standard
HDC Health Data Commons
HIE Health Information Exchange
HMIS Health Management Information System (openHIE component)
HWR Health Worker Registry (openHIE component)
IOL Interoperability layer (openHIE component)
LMIC Low- and middle-income country
LMIS Logistics Management Information System (openHIE component)
OHS Open Health Stack
OpenHIE Open source community and specification of a HIE
OpenHIM Open Health Information Mediator, an open source reference implementation of the interoperability layer of openHIE
PC Product Catalogue (openHIE component)
PET Privacy-enhancing technology
PII Personnally Identifiable Information
PoC Point-of-Care system (openHIE component)
PoS Point-of-Service system, alternative name of Point-of-Care system
PR Patient Registry, alternative name for Client Registry (openHIE component)
REST Representational state transfer, a software architectural style used in web APIs
SQL Structured Query Language
SHR Shared Health Record (openHIE component)
TS Terminology Service (openHIE component)
UHC Universal Health Coverage